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Maincrest Media is a book marketing company that offers authors and publishers with easier, simpler, more cost-effective ways to promote their books to the world. We value your unique talent, knowledge and expertise and want to help you achieve the impact, influence, income and recognition you deserve.

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Book Award Program

We establish the benchmark for excellence in books and the publishing community as a whole.

Book Review Program

We connect authors with professional book reviewers to help them gain recognition and boost their writing career.

From new, independent authors to NYT bestsellers and iconic publishers, we have served authors from all backgrounds

Our Mission

It can be difficult to stand out in today’s competitive marketplace. We feel it is of the utmost importance that deserving books receive the critical acclaim and attention they deserve. Our book award and review programs are designed to bring increased recognition to thousands of exceptionally written, high quality books that are published each year. In addition, the free resources, support and one-on-one marketing services we provide are designed to provide authors and publishers with what they need to succeed.

We know the enormous amount of time, effort and dedication it takes in writing and publishing a book. That’s why we treat the books our clients bring us with the same care, dedication and professionalism as we would expect ourselves. Our goal is to provide the highest level of service and support to ensure you receive the courtesy, care, and personal attention you need. We are here to serve you and help you achieve your book marketing goals.

Our Values


Learn & Adapt

We thrive on continuous improvement. We know the best way to get better at what we do is to keep learning and share our knowledge with others.


High Quality Service

Authors and publishers trust us to deliver high quality products, services and innovative solutions.


Make A Difference

We constantly push ourselves to be our best so we can deliver the best results for the people we work with. We are inspired to make an impact through our talents, passion and hard work.


Help Others

Our team acts with integrity and honesty with a strong focus on helping others achieve the best results possible.


Build Strong Relationships

We develop relationships that make a positive difference in our the lives of the people we work with.’

We Have Over 15,000 Authors in Our Community.
Here's What Some of Them Have To Say...

The review was beautifully written, very detailed and the reviewer really got the message of my book. The overall experience of submitting my book for review was very smooth, it’s really easy and quick…If you’d like to get a professional, well written review that you can use for different marketing purposes, you’re definitely at the right spot. - Jana B.

The final report far exceeded my expectations. The reviews convinced me that the reviewer thoroughly read and analyzed my book. The review writer was a professional. I am pleased to report that I had an extremely satisfying experience with Maincrest. Thank you for the care you took with my book. - Anthony M.

I am honoured to have received a Maincrest Media Book Award. It has brought positive attention and acclaim to my work, which makes me feel proud of what I have achieved. - Gloria E.

I was very pleased to see how in depth the review was, it was very interesting and insightful. My next book is due to be published by the end of the year, so I will be submitting that one as well. - Rebecca B.

I recently received a review from Maincrest Media. I felt the review was well written and particularly insightful. I could tell the reviewer had not only read the book and appreciated the story, but also reflected what it had to say. The experience of submitting a book was easy. My advice for authors looking to participate in the Maincrest Media Review Program is to try and get them to do it. - Marc G.

I felt the review was awesome, it was impactful, timely and really, really helpful. Overall, my experience for submitting this review was smooth and easy. It didn’t require a whole lot of work on my behalf. I’m going to be able to use the review on my book as a way to help market and promote it through various channels and to show the real impact. - Ashley B.

I’m honored to have received a Maincrest Media Book Award particularly because of the deep analysis conducted and the tough criteria applied to each entry by judges. It’s an award that means something. - Merry J.

I am thrilled to receive a Maincrest Media Book Award because the commentator had read the book thoroughly and understood its intent. It is an honor to be listed on the Maincrest Media site. I was very pleased to receive an award and excellent feedback. - Romy W.

Thank you SO much for this! I am honoured and I really appreciate this recognition – it will go a long way in what I have set out to achieve! - Kalyani P.

Thank you for the reviews! They are among the most thorough, accurate, insightful and comprehensive professional Reviews I've had so far. I am pleased and grateful. - Maria N.

Thank you Maincrest Media for the book award, it is an honor! I feel it is important for exposure of your book. It is very interesting to see how well your book competes with all of the other incredible books out there…it is nice to receive constructive criticism on how to improve for your future projects. - Kimberley P.

I was aware that the Maincrest Media Book Award Program was respected amongst authors and readers alike. Therefore I believed any opinion from them on my writing would be beneficial to me at the very least. I was very satisfied with the result and the review. I have other books I am considering placing in the program. - L.M. 

I’m truly honored to have received a Maincrest Media Book Award. It has brought positive attention and acclaim to my work and podcast. - Robert O.

I am so honored to win the Maincrest Media Book Award for Historical Fiction. I know that their judging criteria are stringent and I’m so glad they felt my book measured up to their high standards. - M.J.

Your presentation was clear and straightforward. The comments were well presented and well thought out. I am honored to have received a Maincrest Media Book Award because the judges focus on the craft of writing and producing an award-winning book. It is rewarding to have one’s hard work noticed. - Michael D.

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