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The Maincrest Media Book Review Program

The Maincrest Media Book Review Program connects authors with professional book reviewers to help them gain recognition and boost their writing career.

Readers use book reviews as a benchmark for the overall quality of a book, and they have become the standard in helping a writer gain critical acclaim and attention.

Our professionally written book reviews are designed to help draw positive attention to your book to help you build your audience and increase your book sales. They are a lifetime marketing asset you can use on your book, in your book blurb, media kit, website, and more!

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Key Information

Dates & Deadlines

It takes 7-9 weeks on average from the time you submit your book for review.

You can expedite this to 4-6 weeks if you wish.

Books we accept

We accept ALL books for review.

This allows you to submit older titles, books from your backlist or books that have not as yet been published!


The regular review fee is $499 USD per book for delivery in 7-9 weeks. You can also add additional reviews (if you have written multiple books) for a discounted fee.

What You Receive

The Maincrest Media Book Review Program includes everything you need to stand out from the competition and gain recognition for your work.


We’ll provide you with a written review that includes a detailed evaluation of your book’s plot, characters, theme, style, and other key elements that readers and industry professionals may want to know before purchasing your book. Your review will be honest and impartial, however, it is designed to help you market your book to readers and build relationships with influential members of the publishing community.


Books that receive 3, 4 or 5 star reviews will be automatically shared on the Maincrest Media website. This provides each book with a dedicated page that showcases a book’s title, cover and review. Authors and publishers can use this dedicated page to showcase their work in a positive manner and build their readership and audience.


Tell readers WHY your book is worth reading! Encourage readers to buy your book by sharing your book review on Amazon and Goodreads.


Book reviews that receive a 3, 4 or 5 star rating will receive the Maincrest Media Seal of Approval. This is designed to help you promote your book review in an effective way, build trust and establish your authority with readers. You are able to use the Maincrest Media Seal of Approval on your book cover, your website and your social media profiles.


Through our email newsletter and publishing platforms, we help connect your book to booksellers, librarians, and readers. We also grant you the exclusive right to share your book review in both online and offline channels including popular book distribution and promotion platforms such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Goodreads and more!

What Authors Have To Say

The review was beautifully written, very detailed and the reviewer really got the message of my book. The overall experience of submitting my book for review was very smooth, it’s really easy and quick…If you’d like to get a professional, well written review that you can use for different marketing purposes, you’re definitely at the right spot. – Jana B.

I recently received a review from Maincrest Media. I felt the review was well written and particularly insightful. I could tell the reviewer had not only read the book and appreciated the story, but also reflected what it had to say. The experience of submitting a book was easy. My advice for authors looking to participate in the Maincrest Media Review Program is to try and get them to do it. – Marc G.

I felt the review was awesome, it was impactful, timely and really, really helpful. Overall, my experience for submitting this review was smooth and easy. It didn’t require a whole lot of work on my behalf. I’m going to be able to use the review on my book, Empowering Differences, as a way to help market and promote it through various channels and to show the real impact. – Ashley B.

Thank you for the reviews! They are among the most thorough, accurate, insightful and comprehensive professional Reviews I’ve had so far. I am pleased and grateful. – Maria N.

I was looking for reasonably fast, quality reviews to coordinate with an on-going book launch. I simultaneously tried a couple of other programs and the results were not as satisfying. The Maincrest reviews were just better written and the reviewers seemed to actually have read and understood the books. – Owen T.

It was a very thoughtful and well written review I will share on my Amazon Author page and social media. – Michael M.

I was incredibly satisfied with my review! I will use it for advertising on Author Central, Amazon and my website. I will use you again, perhaps even for some old books. – Ann D.

I felt it was important to get a review from a respected, independent source as I begin a new project…The details of the review help me focus on the strengths of my storytelling…I posted it on my Facebook Author Page and received many positive comments with people saying they are looking forward to getting the book. I am grateful for the positive feedback and for the encouragement. – Sandra V.

I wanted a well written review to help market my book and I was very satisfied with the balanced and well written review. – Jim C.



We took a look at the alternatives and found that there needed to be a better way for authors to get their books reviewed...

Submitting your book for a traditional review…

• You don’t know where it’s going or who’s desk it’s going to land on

• You don’t know if it will be selected for a review

• You don’t know how long it will take if it is selected

• You don’t have control over where and when it is published

• You may not have rights or control to publish or distribute the review in the way you want

Asking a reader to review your book…

• The review may be short and lack depth (e.g. “I loved it.” “It was interesting.”)

• The English or grammar may be poor

• The review may not provide critical feedback on important elements of your book or provide insight into why a reader should read it

• The reader may not actually have read the book

The Maincrest Media Advantage

With a Maincrest Media Book Review, you have assurance that...


Your Review Is Guaranteed

You don’t have to submit your book and wait or pray that a reviewer will pick it. You know you will be getting a professionally written, high quality review in a set amount of time.


Our Reviewers Are Experts

Our reviewers have a combined experience of over 25+ years in reviewing books. They have advanced degrees in English, Arts and Journalism, which means your review will be professional and well-written. Most importantly, they actually read your book.


Your Review Is Delivered On Time

Your review will be delivered in a set number of days. You can schedule marketing campaigns around it to remind readers why your book is worth reading.


The Review Will Help You With Marketing

Our reviewers analyze your book and book genre to provide you with critical feedback that will help you understand what makes your book stand out so you understand and can showcase the advantages of reading it.


View an example book review

Here is our book review of Where The Crawdads Sing.
This will provide you with an example of what to expect when you receive a review for your own book.

Overall Rating: 4 out of 5

Delia Owens’ Where the Crawdads Sing explores the dark complexities of abandonment and the connections we develop with our surroundings in order to cope.

Across two different timelines, Where the Crawdads Sing follows the story of Kya Clark–a young girl in North Carolina who, one by one, is abandoned by everyone she loves. In the wake of abandonment and abuse, the book sees Kya learning to survive on her own, developing a profound connection to the marsh where she lives, and turning to nature as a means to make sense of the harsh realities of life. As she develops into an independent woman, Kya encounters the complexities of navigating romantic relationships, situating one of the book’s central themes of connection vs. independence.

Where part one of Where the Crawdads Sing explores Kya growing up on the marsh, learning to survive, and facing adversity from the people of Barkley Cove, part two chronicles her adult life. Readers are given an honest and compelling account of the way Kya has adjusted to society. She navigates romance and pursues a career in writing. But when Chase Andrews, her former lover, is killed, Kya’s tumultuous relationship with the beloved hometown hero makes her the prime suspect, and she is forced to defend her innocence. As the trial unfolds, Where the Crawdads Sing trades its brooding contemplation for a more visceral, page-turning urgency.

Where the Crawdads Sing tells a raw, compelling story that engages the hearts and the minds of its readers. Its characters are complex and flawed–they are human. The book sets itself apart by dispensing with traditional notions of good and evil and opting instead to foreground the nuance of human relationships–the way that hurt people, hurt people. Its strong sense of place imbues its setting with a powerful message–nature is amoral.

Throughout the entirety of the story lives its overarching themes–abandonment, isolation, and human connection. Kya lives a solitary life, but she finds comfort in the marsh where she lives. By observing nature and the surrounding wildlife, she learns what it means to be human and develops true independence. But how does her understanding of the world affect her ability to develop human relationships? The book explores the complex relationship between independence and connection in an honest way from which most writers shy away.

Although the plot elements of Where the Crawdads Sing are not especially original, for example, a feral child and murder mystery are common elements of a book in this genre, they are woven together in such a way that the reader is offered an entirely new story. Owens foregoes a more traditional chronology, telling a story that unfolds over many years, as divided by two primary timelines–an approach which also makes the story feel fresh. Owens uses language to convey a tone that is dark, clever, and reflective. She uses vivid imagery that not only paints a captivating portrait of Kya’s life on the marsh, but also sends a subtle message that situates humanity as a part of nature–a chilling truth which does us well to remember.

In Where the Crawdads Sing, Owens compels her readers to consider that life isn’t so simple. Exploring themes of loneliness and abandonment, she tells a grimly honest, time-bending story about place and about humanity that you won’t forget.


Learn more about the Maincrest Media Book Review Program including the types of books we review, our fees, timelines and the submission process.

How does the Maincrest Media Book Review Program work?

Step 1: Select Your Book Review Package
We offer a variety of packages based on the number of reviews you would like as well as express delivery options if you require your book review in a shorter amount of time.

Step 2: Submit Your Book For Review
Once you order your review, you will be asked to submit your book in one of the following formats: ePub, .mobi, .pdf, .doc, .docx, and .txt. Once your book has been received, a member of our professional book review team will read your book and compose your review.

Step 3: Read And Share Your Review
When your review is complete we will send you an email with a copy of your review. If your review has received a 3, 4 or 5 star rating, it will also be shared on our website and you will be given a Maincrest Media Seal of Approval.

What Types Of Books Do You Review?

We review a wide variety of books including published and unpublished titles, eBooks, audio books, short stories, anthologies, activity books and graphic novels. Currently, we only accept digital versions of books.

Will My Review Be Positive?

Our reviewers provide honest and impartial reviews that are designed to help readers understand more about your work. Our review program is designed to help you market your book to readers and build relationships with publishing and media professionals.

Is My Book Eligible For A Book Review?

Yes! We accept ALL books for review. This allows you to submit older titles, books from your backlist or books that have not as yet been published!

How Much Does does the Maincrest Media Book Review Program Cost?

The regular fee is $499 USD per book for delivery in 7-9 weeks. To expedite your review for delivery in 4-6 weeks, there is an additional fee of $99 USD. You can also add additional reviews (if you have written multiple books) for a discounted fee.

How Long Does It Take To Deliver My Book Review?

It takes 7-9 weeks on average from the time you submit your book for review. You can expedite this to 4-6 weeks if you wish.