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The Maincrest Media Signature Programs

The Maincrest Media Book Review Program connects authors with professional book reviewers to help them gain recognition and boost their writing career. Our professionally written book reviews are designed to help draw positive attention to your book to help you build your audience and increase your book sales.

The Maincrest Media Book Award Program establishes the benchmark for excellence in books and the publishing community as a whole. Through this program, our goal is help authors and publishers promote their books to the world.

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What’s included in each Maincrest Media Program?

The Maincrest Media Book Review and Book Award Program include everything you need to promote your book to the world.


✓ A Professionally Written Book Review

✓ A Dedicated Review Page on the Maincrest Media Website

✓ Editorial Review Copy for Amazon & Goodreads

✓ The Maincrest Media Seal of Approval

✓ Exposure to booksellers, librarians and readers


✓ A Comprehensive Judge’s Assessment

✓ A Dedicated Winner’s Page on the Maincrest Media Website

✓ A Media Release Template

✓ A Digital Award Package

✓ Exposure to Publishing Professionals, Media, Book Buyers

✓ Discounts and special promotions on Maincrest Media memorabilia and book marketing programs

Gain the Recognition You Deserve.

What Authors Have To Say

With the Maincrest Media award there’s been a nice uptick in sales of THE ARTIST SPOKE.

Ted Morrisey

Thank you Maincrest Media for the book award, it is an honor! I feel it is important for exposure of your book. It is very interesting to see how well your book competes with all of the other incredible books out there…it is nice to receive constructive criticism on how to improve for your future projects.

Kimberley Patterson

I’m truly honored to have received a Maincrest Media Book Award. It has brought positive attention and acclaim to my union organizing work and podcast.

Robert Oedy

I’m so honored to have received this Women’s Fiction award from Maincrest Media—it’s a crowded genre and this is a huge shot over the bow. As a writer, receiving this award gives credibility to my craft and encourages me to keep on writing. I’m honored.

Kimberly Fish

I was very pleased with every aspect of your program. I was not only please with getting an award, but EXTREMELY pleased to also get the book reviews.

Kashonia Carnegie

I found the reviewer’s thought process to be highly sophisticated in its presentation, and elegant in the descriptions conveyed. This certainly made my day.

Keith Steinbaum

I am honoured to have received a Maincrest Media Book Award. It has brought positive attention and acclaim to my work, which…makes me feel proud of what I have achieved.

Gloria Eveleigh

The final report far exceeded my expectations. The reviews convinced me that the reviewer thoroughly read and analyzed my book. The review writer was a professional. I am pleased to report that I had an extremely satisfying experience with Maincrest. Thank you for the care you took with my book.

Anthony Manna