A Pyrrhic Victory: Volume III by Ian Crouch

A Pyrrhic Victory Volume III: Fate follows the first two award-winning volumes in the historic trilogy A Pyrrhic Victory by Ian Crouch. In 279 BC, Pyrrhus has just won the bloody battle of Asculum against the Romans in the battle that gave rise to the expression “A Pyrrhic Victory”-one that comes at such a great cost that the victory may not have been worth the ordeal that was suffered. While punished, the power of the legions has not been broken. The road to Rome is still barred to Pyrrhus. His peace terms are again rejected. He must gather greater strength to break the deadlock, and accepts the invitation of the powerful Greek cities in Sicily to lead them against the invading Carthaginians. In return, they offer him their support in his war against Rome. Pyrrhus was described by Hannibal as the finest commander the world had seen, after Alexander himself.