An Affair In The Valley by Steve Jackson

Embark on a powerful journey through the darkness into the beauty and peace of the light.

Told with poignant, passionate prose that seems like conversational poetry and reflects universal themes of love, life, sorrow, joy and gratitude, AN AFFAIR IN THE VALLEY: A COLLECTION OF POEMS forms a powerful and moving testament to the world with her great people. Echoing author Steve Jackson’s journey through hardship and darkness, this exquisite collection explores both the dark and the light, from sorrow to rapture, and his ascent to a place of peace.

Steve sees the light because he’s felt the darkness, living for months out of his pickup with no end in sight. But through this, he was liberated and delivered to witness the beauty of life around him, a life where people climb from sorrow’s abyss to stand on love’s common ground, the world, home in the stars. AN AFFAIR IN THE VALLEY is passionate poetry about openings, opening the door to home, to the greatness of a strong heart with room for others and strength to share laughter and tears. These thoughts and stories have been scraped off the wall of Steve’s everyday life and carefully sifted through an exquisite prism of awareness. Steve sees the morning because he’s lived through and felt the darkness. He’s heard a hundred silent doors slam behind him. But there is no bitterness here. His conversational poetry is an accessible, glowing testament of a conscientious witness with an uncanny knack for isolating precise words and the exact inflection of a moment, which he freezes into language that allows a reader to extract poetry’s purest essence.

If Dante’s Inferno is a guided descent into the hideous abyss, AN AFFAIR IN THE VALLEY: A COLLECTION OF POEMS is the reverse, an ascendance into light and the lightness of being, an affirmation that “This is your home, the universe. The universe loves you.”