Conscious Intelligence Competencies: Taking Emotional Intelligence to the Next Level for Our 21st Century World of Relationships ~ with Yourself and Others, … and Beyond by Dr. Kashonia Carnegie

An empowering synthesis of real-life examples, personal life experiences, philosophical analyses, and scientific research all shared in a casual, down-to-earth manner, through a nine-step framework for changing our world from Me to We. We live in a world of relationships both environmentally and socially. And if ever you doubted that, just reflect on the global spread of COVID-19. To many, it’s a world of chaos and negativity. But all of that can change if we move from an attitude of Me to We. In Conscious Intelligence Competencies, conscious change ethicist, Dr. Kashonia Carnegie, has designed a framework of nine ethical Me to We competencies providing you with a fundamental foundation to go out and make the difference you want to see in your world or even the world. These nine Conscious Intelligence Competencies provide the necessary awareness, knowledge, and understanding of how our 21st century world of relationships works; and the essential skills necessary for living a happy, healthy, harmonious life in our new world; ensuring we all live, grow, and flourish together on this beautiful planet of ours. Like its Emotional Intelligence, Conscious Intelligence Competencies is vital reading for the CEO of a Fortune 500 organisation or a solo-preneur; the political leader of a country or the leader of any community; or an activist, a life coach, or a teacher. It’s also ideal for every lifelong learner. And it’s really crucial reading for anyone with a burning desire to go out and make a difference to their own world, or even the world. Conscious Intelligence Competencies are an essential foundation for any conscious change topic from conscious business to conscious parenting and beyond.