Conscious Love: Cultivating a Consciousness of Virtue-Based Love-in-Action for a Peaceful, Loving, and Sustainable World by Dr. Kashonia Carnegie

A Global Consciousness of Conscious Love-in-Action can change the world

Dr. Kashonia Carnegie will show you how
What is Love? is one of Google’s most asked questions. And based on the wisdom of the ages, that question will be answered in Conscious Love when you discover the three umbrella forms of love—Love-as-an-Emotion, Spiritual Love, and Love-as-a-Virtue or Conscious Love—and the power and beauty that unfolds when they’re integrated.

But it’s Conscious Love that the ancient masters, mystics, philosophers, religious leaders, and visionaries spoke of, and modern-day spiritual leaders like the Dalai Lama teach. And it’s Conscious Love that can change the world.

In Conscious Love, the 5th book in the Conscious Change Series of Books, Philosopher and Award-Winning Conscious Change Ethicist, Dr. Kashonia Carnegie, will show you how living a loving life, an ethical life, or a conscious life are all exactly the same, and why living a conscious loving life matters.

So whether you want to see a more loving world, or a more ethical world, or a more conscious world, it’s all about working together to develop a global consciousness of conscious love-in-action.

The book is filled with real-life examples, personal life experiences, philosophical analyses, and scientific research all shared in a casual, down-to-earth manner.

Kashonia brings the book to a close with a very inspiring and passionate review of a range of examples demonstrating why working together to change the world through a global consciousness of conscious love-in-action is NOT an impossible dream.

Conscious Love is essential reading for anyone wanting to see change in our world today.