Dark Dragon by Rebecca Busch

Against nearly impossible odds, Sigrun managed to lead the fairies of the Northwoods off the battlefield victoriously, and the villagers eagerly welcome peaceful times. They easily sink back into their old routines, but Sigrun cannot. Darkness creeps around her and without reason, she becomes increasingly edgy and violent. Afraid of herself, and what she might do to anyone around her, she isolates herself and refuses to see even her closest friends. She is plagued by intense visions of a foreboding cave within a treacherous mountain range, and it becomes clear a force is pulling her there.

Without a word, she disappears from the village in search of this cave. The journey is not without its challenges. The very land that she is treading on is evil and working against her in ways she could have never imagined. Even though everything she faces pushes her back – she knows she must continue.

It does not take long before Jae and Khalon realize Sigrun has fled the village. Knowing she has not been herself; they immediately depart after her. Facing hardships of their own they begin to wonder whether they will find her in time, or if she wants to be found at all. Evil snakes its way around her, lying to her and manipulating her, and leaches the power of the dragon for itself. All the while Sigrun is pushed further into a dark abyss. The Sigrun that they know, and love, may be lost to them forever.