Dead Men Still Snore by Tammy Tyree

Sometimes, the end is only the beginning…

In 2019, on the cusp of early retirement to their lush tropical estate in Belize, Tammy Tyree had it all: a successful hypnotherapy practice, four beautiful children, a brand new grandbaby, and a wonderful marriage to her beloved husband Michael.

Life in Belize held the promise of everything she and Michael had dreamed of and had to work so hard to build. Until it all came to a fatal halt in the blink of an eye, when a horrific, “chance” car crash on a lonely highway in Mexico took Michael’s life and left Tammy alone to recover in a rural hospital. She thought she had lost the love of her life forever…

Or had she?

This true story of epic love, loss, fate and coincidence will challenge you to suspend what you believe about the boundaries of reality as you know them and forever change how you see the world. If you are unwilling or unable to let go of what you think you know to be true about life, death and the spiritual nature of our existence, you may want to put this book down now.

This book is a true story.

It is a memoir but also a love story for women, about spirituality, spiritual healing, spiritual awakening, near-death experiences and grief for loss of a husband.

This book was truly a team effort between myself and my late husband, Michael, after his death. Through the sharing of our beautiful love story, tragic ending and subsequent communication with Michael on the ‘other side’, I could heal, inspire and comfort others who have loved and lost by sharing Michael’s message of what life is like after death.

It is also a story of coincidence, or that there are none. The weaving together of the non-coincidental things that fell into place days, months and years before Michael’s death is a certain testament to the fact.

And, last, it is a story of my spiritual growth and discovery. Sharing the part of me that learned who I truly am, the nature of our existence, and that the inner belief I had held since a child was the truth of our existence, as shown or proven through the death of my husband. It is a story that had to be told.

A true, tragic and loving tale almost too incredible to believe.

Spanning between 12 years of our lives together, living in both Canada and Belize, we share our epic adventures, struggles, love and loss.