Don’t Retire… Graduate!: Building a Path to Financial Freedom and Retirement at Any Age by Eric Brotman

Start planning for financial independence NOW.
Planning for a successful future doesn’t have a hard start date. It’s not something you do at 25 or 45 or 65. It’s a journey that begins right now and continues throughout your life. This book makes personal finance and security easy—no matter where you’re starting from.

With detailed and digestible instructions for nearly every starting point—whether you’re just beginning to invest money and get out of debt, or stand only a few years away from retirement—Don’t Retire… Graduate! will have you taking baby steps and giant leaps in your financial plan.

Get the education you’ve been missing and learn:

  • Three creative strategies to free yourself from debt while continuing to build wealth.
  • How your risk management plan can protect your financial castle and all who live in it.
  • 12 relationship questions to determine if you should keep or break up with your financial advisor, CFP, or wealth manager.
  • How to maximize your peak earning years with a crash course in retirement accounts and IRAs.
  • PLUS 21 extra credit assignments in risk management, financial freedom, debt management, and more will take you to the top of the class!

Designed like a college curriculum (without the grades and homework), this guide offers a full syllabus of financial literacy to help you advance, not retreat, into the perfect retirement plan for you. If you like simple guides, turning financial challenges into opportunities, and retirement planning like you’ve never seen before, you’ll love Don’t Retire… Graduate!