Dying With Dad: Tough Talks for Easier Endings by Yvonne Caputo

“How could you let your father die when he could have been saved? Even if it’s what he wanted, wasn’t that hard?”

When Yvonne Caputo wrote her first book, Flying with Dad, she was surprised to find that readers had questions-not about her father’s adventures in World War II, but about how, years later, she was brave enough to stop paramedics from reviving him to respect his Do Not Resuscitate order.

In Dying with Dad, Yvonne’s goal is to share the joy she felt when her father died. Not because he died, but because at the end of his life he was treated exactly the way he’d wanted. It was possible because she dared to have a heart-to-heart conversation with him about his wishes for end-of-life experiences before it was too late.

She started with the Five Wishes document, a guide to conversations with family and doctors about how you want to be treated if you or a loved one become seriously ill. A living will and trust takes care of what happens after death, but it doesn’t cover things beyond medical treatment. Like the intimate, emotional, and spiritual things we really should talk about with our families.

What You’ll Learn in Dying With Dad:

  • It’s possible to have an end-of-life conversation about what the dying desire
  • There are practical tools like the Five Wishes that provide a framework for these important conversations
  • How to transform a conversation about death into an action plan for how we want to live our final days, and how we want to die.

Dying with Dad is a book to buy now, not when Mom is dying or when Dad is dying or when death is at the door. If you or your loved ones are aging or preparing for death, this book will help you have the conversation that matters, when it matters, not when it’s too late.