Footprints on the Heart by Jean Naggar

A mesmerizing tale of adventure, romance and survival.

Driven by a mother’s sacrifice to save her daughter from abuse, and a lifetime of poverty, deprivation and neglect, Footprints on the Heart unwinds an epic tale of love, loss, and exile in the lives of unforgettable characters, as they navigate the turbulence of six decades against a backdrop of powerful world events.

Connected by circumstance and destiny, the lives of a celebrity model in New York, a goatherd from the upper Nile valley, and a young Jew cast out of his native land set off a chain of events amid lyrical evocations of the Egypt that fostered them all. How they navigate their lives and the fault lines that exist in each of them forms the substance of a complex novel of chance, passion, and history. Ripped from their comfort zones and their Egyptian birthplace, their destinies shaped by a land and a world in turmoil, each is propelled into New York worlds of challenge and opportunity, fashion and finance.