Fostering: A Memoir of Courage and Hope by Carmen Maria Navarro

What are you willing to sacrifice to save a child who’s not your own?

The Navarro-Wozniaks became foster parents hoping they would save lives, but they didn’t know how broken the child welfare system is. They didn’t fully realize the unintended consequences and the impact it was going to have on their own children. They just wanted to help.

Fostering: A Memoir of Courage and Hope centers on both a foster family’s journey and one particular child: Lucy. They thought she was going to fit in perfectly, but her past trauma affected them in unanticipated ways. With time, Lucy became their daughter but, in the process, their family started falling apart. And when they were at the point of crumbling, Lucy’s social worker told them she was being put up for adoption.

The family had a decision to make…but how do you make a choice like that? What happens if, by trying to save a child you love, you harm your own? What if the one who needed to be saved becomes yours?

This is the story of a family choosing to save children and navigating the consequences.

This is a story of courage and hope.