From There to Here: War, Peace, Pandemic – A Memoir by Romy Wyllie

With the need to find an engrossing project to fill the isolation forced on us by the 2020 global pandemic, From There to Here recalls the author’s childhood growing up in England during World War II. Wyllie compares the many restrictions imposed on our lives today with the hardships endured by the British during the war. Set against this backdrop, the book chronicles the author’s idyllic childhood interrupted by the onset of a world war and all its horrors; wartime in preparatory school; peace declared during senior boarding school; followed by university in Scotland, marriage to an Arctic explorer, and a three-year sojourn in America. The book ends with the anticipated birth of the author’s first child, making this story a prequel to her previously published Loving Andrew: a Fifty-Two-Year Story of Down Syndrome.