Game of Bones by Mrs. Geraldine Evans

DI Joe Rafferty knows that the murder case against Professor Babbington is as much of a sure thing as he is ever likely to get. So why does every piece of evidence against him also prove his innocence?

If you like Detective Series with a few laughs, you’ll like this.

Sergeant Llewellyn’s remark that, perhaps, ‘Someone else’ had made them a gift of Professor Anthony Babbington as the murderer was just sour grapes, in Detective Joe Rafferty’s opinion.

But Llewellyn could plant a doubt where none had existed before. And Rafferty, sure in his own mind that they had the culprit, disregarded Llewellyn, who admired Babbington. They had so much proof it was embarrassing.

But gradually, all Rafferty’s certainty vanished into dust, and he had to prepare himself to face the music when Superintendent Bradley came back from his expensive holiday, to find that the ‘sure thing’ he had left with Rafferty, had inexplicably become anything but.

Unless Joe Rafferty could find some way to turn defeat into triumph…