Garrett Bear: Finding Goals by K. Tang

Garrett Bear: Finding Goals

  • Garrett Bear learns the meaning of having a goal and why it is important to have a good one. But he has no clue about what he wants to do! Follow
  • Garrett as he embarks on a mighty journey to discover his own special goals!
  • Garrett Bear is one of the five members in the Character Zchool Series. His stories focus on self-development and GRIT.
  • Through this story, we introduce the concept of goal-setting because it is a critical step in developing perseverance in children.

What is Character Zchool Series?

  • Character Zchool Series is a collection of stories focusing on character education and instilling children with core values and virtues in a systematic order.
  • With each animal in the series focusing on one specific topic, children learn about fundamental virtues and skills such as perseverance, respect, self-regulation, and learning to communicate and collaborate.

What’s so special about this series? Why is it more than just a story?

  • The series can be used as a systematic teaching tool for both educators and parents while captivating children with wonderful images and easy to grasp dialogues.
  • All stories were written by an experienced character instructor, thus empowering educators and parents to introduce abstract concepts in an age-appropriate manner through storytelling.