Garrett Bear Learning From Failure by K. Tang

Garrett Bear Learning From Failure

  • Garrett Bear has always been good at rock climbing. His goal is to be the champion in the upcoming contest. But he failed so hard in the competition that he doesn’t want to rock clim anymore.
  • But in the end, Garrett Bear learns a very important lesson from Papa Bear understood how to deal with failure.
  • Garrett Bear is one of the five members of the Character Zchool Series. His stories focus on self-development and GRIT.
  • Through this story, we introduce the concept of failure and teach children how to handle it in their life.

What is Character Zchool Series?

  • Character Zchool Series is a collection of stories focusing on character education and instilling children with core values and virtues in a systematic order.
  • With each animal in the series focusing on one specific topic, children learn about fundamental virtues and skills such as perseverance, respect, self-regulation, and learning to communicate and collaborate.

What’s so special about this series? Why is it more than just a story?

  • The series can be used as a systematic teaching tool for both educators and parents while captivating children with wonderful images and easy-to-grasp dialogues.
  • All stories were written by an experienced character instructor, thus empowering educators and parents to introduce abstract concepts in an age-appropriate manner through storytelling.