Grandpa Kevin’s…The Ginger Bread Man by Kevin Brougher

It’s a story – well known.
But history has shown,
that people LOVE stories that rhyme.

The old-version had SOME.
But more is more FUN!
And the ending is simply sublime!

Right from the start,
you’ll notice the art.
Our thought, as you might have guessed,

with more verse and new art
and an ending with heart
you’ll see, this version’s the BEST!

Author, Kevin Brougher – aka Grandpa Kevin, once again teams up with award-winning artist Jessica Warrick for a delightful update of the children’s classic story: The Gingerbread Man. Following The Three Little Pigs and Jack and the Beanstalk – The Gingerbread Man continues with the lively triple rhyme structure. Mostly following the traditional story – until the FOX. The Fox is NOT the one that gets to enjoy the delicious Gingerbread Man.