Jinn (Soothsayer Series Book 2) by Adron Smitley

In this stunning sequel to Veilfall . . . master swordslinger and last Soothsayer Banzu Greenlief reunites with his true love and feisty Spellbinder Melora Callisticus, and together they brave against assassins torn from the future, covetous captors lurking from the shadowed past, vengeful gods and conquering Khans vying for power. But all these tribulations pale to the pivotal secret Melora reveals which changes their fragile relationship forever. All Banzu wants is a family of his own, and the peace to enjoy it. To live and let live, while Thurandy recovers from the destruction of Hannibal Khan and Sergal’s unliving hordes of hungars now that the Godstone is destroyed and the necromaster Dethkore slumbers in Purgatory. But with her Head Mistress dead and her Academy in ruins, Melora questions her unsure place in the changed world while oblivious of the Enclave target painted upon her back. Together all that matters. Or so Banzu thought. But vindictive foes have other plans in store. And yet . . . and yet, none of this prepares them for the devastation of the Jinn.