Keeping Faith (Amazing Grace Trucking Company) by N.L. Quatrano and D.K. Ludas

Who says nothing ever happens in the small, backwater towns of northern Florida? Not Faith Blessing-Walker, who’s just home from months of surgeries and physical rehabilitation, all necessary due to the actions of a madman.She arrives at the farm where she was raised to continue her recovery, welcomed by her twin sons, her sister Hope, and new friends from Merciful. Her recent brush with death has taught her that bygones are best left in the past if you can – and love and joy are best appreciated on a daily basis – otherwise fear wins.But when her ex-husband shows up and her sons disappear, will Faith have what it takes to get her boys back safe and sound and keep her sanity? And will her struggling confidence in God provide what she needs to find peace again and teach her sons what really counts in the life of a good man?Join the Blessing women as they continue to pioneer their way through life’s perilous waters. KEEPING FAITH is book #2 in the Amazing Grace Trucking Series.