Mental Acuity: The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Shaping Your Mind for Greater $uccess by Michael Solomon

In the cutthroat business world, many aspiring entrepreneurs reject kindness as a virtue and develop a sharp competitive edge that can have a negative impact on their business and wound struggling colleagues. For those who wish to rise to the top without knocking others down, “Mental Acuity” offers you power without ruthlessness.

Through his struggles with unprincipled business leaders and colleagues, the author developed a guide for entrepreneurs, which he now shares with his readers.

What follows is a narration of his life’s experiences, which helped shape his destiny. He has accomplished more than most people could ever want. He defied corporate bullies and used their competitive edge to his advantage.

“Mental Acuity” takes readers through the author’s action-packed career in law enforcement and a chain of events that led him to reinvent himself as a corporate player. Immersed in a sea of successful executives, he was first excited, then disillusioned, as he witnessed the actions of his colleagues. He boldly details the misplaced priorities, stolen ideas, and unethical practices that left him dismayed. Instead of wallowing in Self-pity, he developed his management style and forged ahead.

Frustrated with what the author calls “The Depersonalization of Corporate America,” he refused to operate his business without the human touch.

Each chapter delivers witty anecdotes, simple wisdom, and straightforward advice on avoiding pitfalls in the mad rush to success. An insightful guide to ethical and intelligent business practices, “Mental Acuity” offers readers pages of wisdom gleaned from the front lines of corporate battles.

After becoming financially successful, the author did something you may find startling; he started to give it away.

His management style, and business acumen, which he finds lacking in many companies, made him successful. Now he shares it with you.

A story that had to be written told right from the author’s heart.