Miranda and the D-Day Caper by Shelly Frome

Small-town realtor, Miranda Davis, never expected to uncover a terrorist plot. But when her cousin, Skip, playfully broadcasts some intercepted code messages like “Countdown to D-Day” on his radio show, he begins to receive threatening anonymous messages – leaving Miranda to wonder if he’s stumbled into something much more sinister… After Skip’s beloved cat, Duffy, is snatched as a warning, Miranda finds herself roped into a dangerous mission to decipher a conspiracy that threatens to tip a crucial senatorial vote. As they’re forced into a race against time to unmask the perpetrators and prevent a disaster, Miranda must somehow decipher the use of old-timey WWII tactics to bring the terrorists’ shadowy plot to light. But, the clock is ticking. Miranda and Skip will have to act fast if they want to prevent innocent blood from being spilled—and keep themselves alive in the process. Can Miranda crack the code and stop the terrorists? Or will she be too late? Find out in Miranda and the D-Day Caper, a riveting contemporary mystery that mixes modern political intrigue, old-time heroes and values, and life in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains.