She was way out of his league…

…and he was determined to up his game.

Would the right pair of pants solve everything and possibly save the world?

Mr. Taffle wants only two things, to be the top salesperson in his group, and to win back his ex-girlfriend, even though she’s realized she could do better. It won’t be easy to do either because there’s something he doesn’t know.

There’s a place with the most bizarre people.

And they’re about to ruin his life.

In a secret world created by demented artists using alien technology, those who don’t belong are dealt with harshly. They have a labyrinth and this group of nutters aren’t afraid to use it.

When an impulse pants purchase goes awry…

…Mr. Taffle starts a journey that may have catastrophic consequences.

Are his new leather pants evil?

You’ll love this Douglas Adamsesque dark humor because every once in a while, we all need a deep belly laugh.