My Journey: Lessons I’ve Learned Along the Way: The Memoirs of Leonard I. Eckhaus

A look at the journey we all make in life, told through vignettes and providing insights the author has gleaned over the 75 years of his life including what it was like growing up in the 1950’s; historical events he actually witnessed; the great successes and perhaps even greater failures he has encountered, and most importantly, the lessons he learned from them. He also takes you through his careers in the computer industry and more currently, in the music field.

A book that started out as an ancestral primer for his descendants – a book he would write as a gift to his grandchildren’s children, and beyond, providing them a bit more sense of where they came from than he had, quickly grew to encompass his thoughts, beliefs and advice on such diverse areas as happiness, how to achieve success in one’s own personal life, one’s obligations to those close to you and to all of mankind, the legacies we inherit and the legacy we pass on, God and religion, the love and celebration of life, how hard work and persistence pay off in the long run, charity and why it I so important, the aging process, and more.