Old Gent: A Norway Spruce by Marie J. S. Phillips

Full color hardcover edition! Sprouting in an old abandoned field around 1895, Old Gent, a Norway Spruce, lived through storms and changes in the lands he called home. In this full color hardcover version, read as he grew into a majestic towering specimen of his species, protective of the old home he saw built on his lands as a stout sapling. Human activity amused, startled, frightened and sometimes hurt him, thus he never found trust in the beaverlike species, until the fifth owner in nine decades moved into the old house he considered his. The woman and her spouse proved different, and his attitudes towards humans changed. The old tree experienced a new emotions, and gained the name of Old Gent. When terror from the skies threatened the lands, he stood strong, determined to shield the home and owners he now loved, and paid a price. As decades weakened his ancient body with internal decay from injuries, he regrew lost limbs, racing to once again tower into the skies. He managed to spiral a few seeds against the foundation of the old house, and his offspring sprouted. One in particular, felt ready to take over the duties of their sire when the fateful day of the felling arrived. But as tranquil as life seemed to the baby Norway Spruce and his landmates, danger lurked, ready to cut short Young Gent’s life, long before he ever grew large enough to keep a promise to his sire and the homeowner.