On the Other Side of TERMINAL: Take Back Your Life from Cancer Now by Allen Chankowsky

The doctor’s message was clear: “Your cancer is now terminal.”

Echoing an enduring message of rare vulnerability and uplifting positivity, On the Other Side of TERMINAL is a powerful book that shares author Allen Chankowsky’s inspiring and deeply authentic account of his 30-year relationship with cancer. Shattering all expectations, Allen bravely exposes the depths in which he struggled to overcome his rare form of stage-4 cancer. With a palpable sense of unmistakeable urgency, his unique style skilfully illuminates the emotional strength it takes to manage the realities of living with a world-crushing diagnosis.

First appearing as an interview in the best-selling book, I Survived Cancer and Here is How I Did it, this highly anticipated memoir further expands with personal anecdotes and insightful reflections. It serves to help readers with their own cancer struggles by expertly combining earnest advice, research, and statistics. While learning how to carry the burden of his illness in a healthier way, On the Other Side of TERMINAL enshrines Allen’s journey, revealing how he transcended his harrowing diagnosis, made peace with his vulnerability, and put everything on the line to reclaim his life.

On the Other Side of TERMINAL will resonate with your heart and soul, making it a must-read for anybody struggling with cancer or other life-threatening health issues, including medical professionals who care for these patients. Through Allen’s riveting story, friends and family will also be better equipped to care for their loved one with more compassion and effectiveness. Allen’s book is an emotional work of art that serves as a roadmap to an elusive destination containing beautiful lessons and a life-affirming perspective from a man whose grit, vulnerability, determination, and passion for life allowed him to beat the overwhelming odds and live to the fullest.

Scroll up and grab your copy now to discover Allen’s incredible story of inspiration.