Powerless by Adron Smitley

In this spectacular conclusion to the Malach’Ra Trilogy (Veilfall, Jinn, and Powerless) master swordslinger and last Soothsayer Banzu Greenlief challenges his adopted role as Khan by taking the fight to those intent on destroying his life and everyone precious in it at all costs while he seeks to rebuild the fragile relationship with his true love Spellbinder Melora Callisticus.

But past haunts plague their joyous reunion, as well future adversaries strive to tear them apart forever.
And the omniverse of Writer’s Simulatrix is not so easily forgotten.

Malevolent Ascendants scheme for their coveted transcendence through Banzu’s elimination, while a vengeful god returns with plans of apocalypse as parallel worlds bleed together, and an ancient lineage seeks to restore stolen dominance through aizakai annihilation.

Old wounds scar closed while new ones rip open when lover betrays lover.

And loss triumphs in ways unimaginable to a forlorn man who learns the bittersweet torture of life’s honest agony through the irreparable grief of his shattered heart and shunned soul.

Nothing precious lasts forever, for its truest significance blooms in the briefness of its cherished existence before the inevitable wither.
And nothing lives more cherished than true love, where passion thrives strongest in surrender and, ultimately, sacrifice.

Love and loss the cruel scales upon which all glorious treasures of the heart are weighed . . . then measured for the paying of life’s equitable tolls of man.