Return to Turand: Echo Sonata by Sandra Valencia

Nearly two decades have passed since the Sifiq occupation and the resulting civil war ended in Turand.

Through faith and hard work, Turandans have recaptured the vitality and prosperity that once characterized their nation. However, new questions assail them and the leaders who guided them to victory and peace. Their High Priestess Valkana has mysteriously vanished, and only the Valkana’s presence allows Turand to thrive in spiritual harmony. Through lapses into the wealth of memories, King Gregor and Lord Victor Garogan seek strength to face a painful present. Neither makes any effort to conceal his love for Alexa while mourning the loss of the woman each loves more than life itself. At the same time, they search for reasons behind her unexplained, heartbreaking disappearance.

In Return to Turand, award-winning author Sandra Valencia continues the saga that began as years of dreams. She hopes the lessons learned in Turand will touch the hearts and lives of her readers-and perhaps her world.