Song of Turand: Opening Aria (Legends from Turand Book 1) by Sandra Valencia

Turand. A nation abounding in natural beauty. Turandans. A people struggling with the loss of essential connections to their God, their faith, and the mystic spirits that long ago inspired them to greatness. Turand now suffers beneath the yoke of enemy occupation by invaders from the distant Sifiq Kingdom. Gregor, known to his subjects as the Dark King of Turand, lives in the nation’s opulent palace, lavishly entertaining enemy officers while his people endure hunger, deprivation, and torture. Alexa, a young priestess, is the only member of the once revered Order of Val to have escaped violent persecution and death by the Sifiq. Her courage flows from unyielding faith. When Alexa mysteriously appears in the king’s court to plead for the life of her condemned fiancĂ©, Lord Victor Garogan, Gregor is stunned by the power of her presence and her unwavering devotion to his prisoner. Are the legends regarding Valiria priestesses true? Can he possibly risk releasing a prisoner as dangerous as Lord Garogan? More importantly, can he ever escape the bewildering effect of Alexa’s haunting emerald eyes?

MERELY FANTASY? Or are you one of precious few who will perceive deeper truth?