The Book of Wars: Legend of the Prophetess by John Milor

In the year 1250 B.C., in the midst of twenty years of oppression, there arose out of obscurity a prophetess by the name of Deborah, to which the people of Israel sought judgement. Guided by her prophetic visions and unyielding faith, she inspired unity and courage among her people when she fearlessly led her nation into battle against a tyrannical empire.Deborah ruled Israel with executive authority that was not inherited as a birthright, at a time and place when most women were considered property. Of all the judges listed in the Old Testament book of Judges, Deborah is one of a kind in the truest sense. She is the only judge who held court and commanded the military. She was also the only female judge, and the only judge who was also prophetess. In many respects, she is the female counterpart to Moses.What mysteries lie hidden between the lines of Scripture can explain Deborah’s unique role as the “Mother of Israel?” Herein is a world of possibilities, exploring the Old Testament with a fresh lens. And for the intellectually curious, explore the author’s research in the expansive commentary notes following each chapter.