The Prince and the Witch by L.A. THompson

What would you do if you knew that your next birthday might be your last? For Prince Edward, he knew he needed to break his curse to live past the age of 17, and a young witch named Abbey may be his only salvation.

Hexed on his fifth birthday by his magic-wielding grandmother, Edward has been forced to rely upon a special tincture to survive. But, with magic now banned throughout the kingdom of Arthura, the supply of his elixir running short, and his 17th birthday looming, Edward must set off for the Venatys mountains to seek the help of the witches and wizards who shelter there in isolation. Finding danger on the road to seeking a cure, Edward is rescued by Abbey, a sarcastic young witch.

Both are wary of trusting the other, but they must learn to work together to try and lift the prince’s curse. As the pair are pursued by a mysterious figure, with an agenda of their own, can the prince and the witch overcome their internal conflicts to save Edward’s life before time runs out?