The Regenerative Life: Transform Any Organization, Our Society, and Your Destiny by Carol Sanford

The world often falls short of the way we’d like it to be, and our power to make even just a little difference can seem limited. Sometimes it feels like you need to be a super-hero to work toward achieving anything meaningful. But what if by re-conceiving what you do, you could change the world for the better? In this guide, business and leadership coach Carol Sanford shows you how to fundamentally change the roles you play in society, enabling you to master more than you ever believed possible; grow yourself and other people with purpose and meaning, provide astounding innovations for your clients, children and students, create extraordinary social returns, rebuild your creativity, and bring new life and success to everything around you. THE REGENERATIVE LIFE will teach you to see your personal and career roles differently: stripping away all preconceptions of how it should be done, understanding what your role is at its core, and building yourself back up to become something new; an innovation so grounded, inspiring, and resilient, it can change the world.