We usually roam our existence and find ourselves after years have passed by, having gone in so many directions, some of which paths that we chose that were excellent for our personal growth. However, many others were so negative that they always will affect our life’s quality for many years to come.

This book is a comprehensive account of life’s dynamics discussed in “The YOU beyond you – The knowledge of the Willing.” It is also a must-read at least once in a lifetime, as it thoroughly examines the unconscious knowledge that holds the real secrets of our existence.

When reading this book, you will embark on a thorough examination of life’s dynamics and how everything is formed or thawed.

Concepts that are genuinely oblivious to us, but which one would discover their ultimate reality after familiarizing himself with them.

A manuscript that contains our life’s deepest secrets and a guide for readers to help them take complete control of their lives and change their realities, based on how mind, body, and soul work in us and our reality.

This book will show you how negative age-old beliefs and perceptions accumulated and how they can be dissolved and directed towards a new reality where one can flourish and thrive.

If you’re ready to face the actual riddles of life, overcome obstacles in your way of thinking and step out of your comfort zone to grow to succeed, then this book is the right book for you.