Twelve-Minute Risk Management: Strategies and Tools Small Business Owners Need Right Now to Navigate Today’s Business World by Ivy Walker

Fraud and hackers and reputation risk, oh my! The threats to small business survival are multiplying daily yet most small business owners are failing to address them. In today’s active and intense threat environment, no business owner can afford to put their head in the sand and hope for the best. But with limited time, resources, and expertise available to them, how and where should small business owners begin?

This book is the ultimate guide for small business owners to quickly learn actionable steps they can take to protect their most valuable asset from a range of risks especially cybersecurity, fraud, reputation risk (social media), and workplace violence. Chock full of relatable, real stories that perfectly bring to life key risks, this easy to read, always informative and sometimes funny how-to-guide arms readers with advice, tips—and importantly—access to time-saving, free and low-cost tools they can use to immediately implement effective risk management strategies for their businesses.

Written by a successful serial entrepreneur, Twelve-Minute Risk Management clearly recognizes that small business owners have more things to do than they have time available to do them. With estimated chapter reading times provided at the beginning of each chapter and twelve-minute action plans provided at the end, this guide and the strategies it recommends are structured to fit neatly into the reader’s schedule.

Here’s just a little of what small business owners will learn with this must-have guide:

* Why failing to have a plan to address risk in your business is the equivalent of planning for your business to fail
* Why your employees are probably stealing from you, and what you should do about it
* Why hackers have your business in their crosshairs and what you can do to avoid being among the estimated 60% of small businesses that shutdown after a cyberattack
* How risk assessment works and why you need to be doing it
* Step-by-step strategies to address risks in the short-term while planning for the long-term

Additionally, readers will gain access to free online assessments that will give them immediate insight into their specific vulnerabilities and defined steps they can take to address their business risks in the areas of fraud, cybersecurity, reputational management and workplace violence.

No matter your business or what industry you are in, this guide is a must read for you. It is only a matter of when, not if, you will suffer a loss from a major mitigable risk. Get your head out of the sand and use this invaluable guide to put in place a plan to protect your business today!