Unbullied: 14 Techniques to silence the critics – Externally and Internally by Kalyani Pardeshi

Bullying! The word itself has enough power to trigger anxiety while the act leaves many scarred for life. In this award winning book, discover simple yet effective techniques to overcome the debilitating effects of bullying, ending the fear of suffering in silence, the fear of feeling powerless and fears that no one will believe you. The author shares easy to use yet compelling tactics developed from years of being bullied herself.

Learn the “somersault” technique to turn name calling on its head, the “sure pumpkin” technique to have the perfect retort for your bully instantly, not 5 hours later. The “flip the switch” technique teaches you to overcome negative self-talk and negative thoughts, the “3 I’s and a T” technique teaches you to let go of the anger and hurt which is suffocating you and the “loudspeaker” technique – how to be heard and taken seriously by those who have the power to help you. These are just a handful of the 14 different techniques in this book arming you to tackle various aspects of bullying and overcoming the emotional scars thereof.

Bullying followed Kalyani wherever she went. Emotionally broken and frustrated more so due to the lack of action taken even after she complained, she developed skills to break her silence on bullying, overcome fears of retaliation from her bullies and fears of no one believing her while building self-confidence. Keen to help other victims of bullying, Kalyani wrote this book to enable them to break the silence, empowering them to stand up for themselves fearlessly.