Under the Divi Tree: True Love Needs No Reason by Michael Solomon
Matthew crane, a former Police Detective and business entrepreneur, and his wife Carol have it all; a fairytale marriage; the envy of all their friends. After retiring financially secure, Matthew plans a surprise vacation for Carol and him. Before they are scheduled to depart, Mathew is overcome by a mysterious illness that leaves him in a deep sleep state that no modern medical professional has ever seen. It creates a medical mystery that takes more than his doctor’s efforts, a brilliant but baffled top neurologist and close personal friend of Matthew’s to solve. His medical team and wife soon discover that his physiological functions have ceased. He is not aging, his hair and nails have stopped growing, and his biological clock may have ceased to run. It is as though he is in a state of suspended animation. Obsessed with finding out what is wrong with him, Carol becomes the detective Matthew used to be and searches the world for answers. The medical mystery deepens when against his doctor’s advice, Carol meets with a doctor from Mumbai, India, who claims he has the answer to Matthew’s condition. But is he a charlatan or genuine? She is lead to believe that Matthew’s universe does not extend outside his mind. Carol discovers the key to unlocking this mystery is sealed inside Matthew’s mind. Only he can solve this mystery. His dreams are the only thing that can bring him back to reality and awaken. But for how long can Matthew dream? This story is of one couple’s love and commitment to each other, only to be interrupted by a medical mystery that will leave the reader wondering, can this medical malady actually occur, or is it merely a work of fiction? You, the reader, will have to decide.