Veilfall (Soothsayer Series Book 1) by Adron Smitley

Time is life’s most valuable commodity, and love life’s most precious gift. Master swordslinger and last Soothsayer Banzu Greenlief discovers the harsh reality of both these fragile truths when a beautiful stranger whirls into his hunted life of solitude then whisks him away by the lonely heart into the turbulent world he has spent the past eleven years hiding from. Where he joins the burgeoning conflict opposing an ancient demonic cult determined to restart the genocidal Thousand Years War against all those born gifted with magic, as well their lightning-wielding messiah obsessed with achieving godhood, and the resurrected necromaster enslaved to the Enclave’s nefarious ambitions of supremacy. Veilfall is the story of a tortured young man verging the cusp of his bloodlust curse . . . then riding the roaring tides of slaughter thereafter once his enemies compel him to vengeance. May the gods have mercy, because Banzu won’t.